Sunday, July 18, 2010

Green gallery east

Paul Druecke's conceptual art projects deal with the phenomena of the social, especially in relation to art and the “art world”. Druecke's staged events utilize public participation as a means of reflecting the value that participation has in creating the social phenomena. In Come, 2010, Druecke used a searchlight placed outside of a gallery opening to create, in the context of the art world, a spectacle, not usually associated with gallery openings. For The Brightest Stars Shine But Briefly, at the Dark Fair in Cologne Germany, Druecke staged a red carpet event complete with paparazzi for the visitors of the fair. The red carpet event highlighted how the participation of the public creates part of the value by which an art fair is judged. Druecke uses snapshot photos, public spaces, refrigerator magnets of refrigerators, pop-culture spectacles, and public gestures as his means of exploring the content of the social as well as how the social functions. (Text from gallery site)

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