Friday, January 19, 2007

Polaroid Testers

Some test shots between a portrait session with the model duo Niama and Rita, Thanks girls!


Ted Ramirez Finkleman said...

Let me tell you, it's hard being a Ramirez up in this game. I usually feel like I'm talking to a brick wall but these days I know i'm talking to a brick wall. This problem seems to stem from the womb/tomb brainwashing that... ya ya, you heard it before. The most intriguing conversations I have are with this guy in the window above my bathroom sink. I don't know who he is but every time I wash my hands or brush my teeth he is doing the same.
Oh yeah, models in your photos, very nias.
Saw a mental health "professional" the other day. Good deal. He asked, "Do you ever hear voices?" I said, "Well, this hasn't occured for a while but I always used to hear this one voice around two in the morning." And the Mental Health guy asked "What did it want you to do and what did it say?"
I said, "The voice never told me to do anything. All it said was "Last Call."


Brian said...

Been hearing good things about your pictures. Looking forward to seeing some.