Monday, December 4, 2006

Casino Royale

Last Friday my roommate’s band played at the University of Chicago’s PhD in chemistry Christmas party. It was casino night, so I was out on the prowl for cash money. While located at the blackjack table I found myself playing with a group of foreign exchange students who struggled with their English and even more with understanding blackjack. As I kept robbing the dealer blind due to amount of alcohol he had consumed. I suddenly realized we were not playing for money, just raffle tickets that might win you a $10 Boarders Books card. I turned to my new sidekick Shao-Lin (in green and pink sweeter) and said “Fuck it, I’m all in”. Making larger and larger bets I kept winning and winning. With my chips stacked high I offered Shao-Lin an offer to purchase her tickets with my cheap plastic chips. “No need, I give to you if I can meet your roommate. He looks like boy from the notebook.” She says with a big smile. Grabbing the tickets out of her hands I lay them out as the host reads off the numbers, 5…6…1…5…8 As the numbers match, I jump in the air and yell “WINNER”. I quickly realizing that it isn’t my Christmas party and I grab Shao-Lin and say “You Won! Go get your prize!” After collecting her prize she returns with a big smile on her face, “Thank you much!” “Don’t worry, just think of me next time you buy a periodical.”

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Ted Ramirez Finkleman said...

So you think you're a high roller now? Well let me tell you something kid, it's not about having a large chip stack. It's about pride. So as long as you were able to con an Asia immigrant out of a ten dollar gift card, then you are a saint in the eyes of the creator. But if you'd like to hear more wisdom from TRF, then HOLLA, cause I got more stories than the Bible.

Sincerely yours,
TR Finkleman

P.S. If you plan on swimming in salt water in the near future, do not shave where the sun does not shine.